New MySantaTalk Parents and Kids Site

This is something we’ve been meaning to get to for about 2 years….

Launching a less-corporate, more fun, site for My Santa Talk that is updated with current Links to the apps and social media sites.


This site (this one, that you’re on) will be more focused on the business of My Santa Talk, including Licensing and franchise spin-off opportunities.  We have some pretty fascinating stuff under the tree that we’re anxious to share with everyone…so, keep an eye out.

For those interested in business relationships, we look forward to chatting with you and sharing the success that My Santa Talk has had, globally, throughout 2012.  We have a significant up-tick in traffic, but, more importantly, in the duration and quality of each session.  As we add more audio and voice features, we anticipate this to increase throughout 2013 as well.

The Holiday Season is Upon Us – My Santa Talk for 2012

Looking at our (anonymous) chat logs, we see a steady increase in daily chat sessions as the Holiday Season gets closer.

There are (literally), thousands of kids chatting with MY SANTA TALK every month…and the number is increasing.

Initially, the plan was release a new version of MY SANTA TALK in association with a commercial sponsor.  That was going to be a fine-line to tread…where we didn’t want to overly commercialize the experience (or turn the whole app into an ad).

We’ve decided to only allow commercialization in “branched” versions that are localized – leaving the primary version “clean” of sponsorship.  We’ll probably only undertake a few minor modifications to this year’s version of MY SANTA TALK.  A complete “audio” enhancement has been on our “to do” list…but, that’s a long list.  We’re still seeing what we can work in our schedule before the U.S. Thanksgiving official 2012 Season Launch.

Cheers.  It’s nice to be back in the Spirit of the Season!

INTEL’s AppUP Team are all on the SUPER NICE List!

Thanks AppUP for featuring the MySantaTalk app this week (good timing!)….

INTEL’S appUP (Windows 32 & 64)**

*  A Featured App-of-the-Week on 12 December 2011

2011 My Santa Talk About to Launch

We’ve been pretty quiet lately.

We’ve been working.

Barely time to Tweet, never mind, right a worthwhile blog post.

We are in the process of moving our contentAI studios platform and a service out of Beta to release our Ver. 1.0 product — Sometime during the first week of December.

MySantaTalk for 2011 will be released during the first week of December (Sorry, couldn’t quite hit that Thanksgiving Day Parade release date — But, let’s keep the Holidays separate — The first week of December is perfect to start thinking about Santa).

Stay tuned.

Santa in the Off-Season – Chat Improvements

You’d think Santa would be lounging around on a beach in Fiji…

Oh, no, he doesn’t.

While next Season, there will be entirely new interactive stories and video produced, right now, the elves are busy improving the chat navigation and making the mobile web experience easier for everyone. Below is a screenshot of the new interface:

Now, you no longer have to leave the ‘chat screen” to insert your response!  Faster.  Easier.  More fun.


From Around the World to CES…Now on Holiday

The 2010 Holiday Season and MYSANTATALK was inspiring for those of us at contentAI studios. With steadily increasing numbers throughout it’s launch (right up until “the night before Christmas”), some great analytics from the QR Tag and mobile web site, it was the (anonymous) chat logs themselves that really made the undertaking worthwhile.

People engaged. People enjoyed.

And, quite a few either fooled us, or, they really “suspended disbelief” and went along for the journey — Now, whether you chat to a human Santa in a Mall, or a virtual Santa on your phone, suspension of disbelief is really part of a successful engagement.

We’ll keep the application available for a short while longer, but, it will be taken off line at some point and then prepared for 2011, when even more bells and whistles will be added.

Thanks for making this a great Holiday Season.

Chat with Santa – New Character Features

New character features were added to MySantaTalk over the weekend while we are in early launch phase (and, before we get too close to the Holiday Season), along with some technical and hosting revisions. The application is now available and includes new elements which may not be immediately evident, but which add real value and depth to the narrative experience.

It’s amazing the questions that people (adults and kids) will ask Santa. While MySantaTalk is designed to help guide User’s through an interactive story, well, people tend to stray. This is where the “depth” of character and knowledge comes into play. MySantaTalk has now been enhanced with more character depth.

Also, the MySantaTalk Twitter and Facebook accounts are now being managed and are where most updates will take place. Please stop by and follow/friend, and we’ll be sure to reciprocate.


Santa Had Some Downtime – Ah, Mobile Tech

MySantaTalk had a couple of hours offline this morning while shifting some Servers around.  It wasn’t planned, but, to manage the application and handle traffic, it was deemed necessary.

So, if you tuned in and didn’t receive a response from Santa — Many apologies, we hope you’ll try again.

As of GMT-8 9:00 a.m. all was back to normal.  We’ll be adding some additional content features next week as we continuously improve and revise the application.

– The Elves