Happy 2013 – The Year of 2nd Screen and IoT

contentAI studios and zyntroPICS Inc., the teams behind My Santa Talk,  wish everyone a wonderful 2013.

2012 was exceptional for My Santa Talk, with the Year ending with over 10,000 monthly sessions for the app and Users in over 80 countries.  The engagement were also qualitatively improved; in terms of the quality of the conversations and their durations.

From our side, the focus of our ventures have narrow-focused to extending storied content experiences to 2nd Screens and the “internet of things.” (“IoT”).

Initially, we will be extending our own children’s app properties, which have done exceptionally well on mobile, to IoT products. Call them interactive toys, jewelry or companion products, we believe that especially children’s engagement is greatly enhanced when there are real-world objects included with the mobile/digital experience. This can allow for an individual’s imagination to take the object and make it part of their play and their own stories.

We’ll be announcing partnerships with some fascinating technology partners in the coming months. We’ll also be more active on the conference circuit as Exhibitors.  Ideally, for 2013, My Santa Talk will have an array of complementary IoT gadgets to enhance the experience for children.

We hope it’s a terrific 2013 for All.

New MySantaTalk Parents and Kids Site

This is something we’ve been meaning to get to for about 2 years….

Launching a less-corporate, more fun, site for My Santa Talk that is updated with current Links to the apps and social media sites.


This site (this one, that you’re on) will be more focused on the business of My Santa Talk, including Licensing and franchise spin-off opportunities.  We have some pretty fascinating stuff under the tree that we’re anxious to share with everyone…so, keep an eye out.

For those interested in business relationships, we look forward to chatting with you and sharing the success that My Santa Talk has had, globally, throughout 2012.  We have a significant up-tick in traffic, but, more importantly, in the duration and quality of each session.  As we add more audio and voice features, we anticipate this to increase throughout 2013 as well.

My Santa Talk App Store Reviews

We don’t often read our reviews (It’s the elves job and they only mention technical problems, if any, since that is their focus)…

But, we were looking through the KINDLE FIRE reviews today (Where MY SANTA TALK is batting 6 out of 7, which we guess is pretty good — Hey, kids are a tough audience, we’ll never hit 100%)…Some highlights…

fun and cute app even convinced me Santa was real and my parents already told me hes not.over all cute and adorble app kids of all ages will love

this app is pretty good. its fun to be able to chat with Santa! the app as I noticed does repeat alittle but its still a great app to have. it works great on the kindle fire I use it all the time.

And, even thought the app is free, someone was very enthusiastic about purchasing it!

this is totally awesome!!! you can acutlly talk to Santa and he’ll respond to you! buy this app! its cool and fun and you get to talk to him for REAL! PLEASE BUY THIS!!!




INTEL’s AppUP Team are all on the SUPER NICE List!

Thanks AppUP for featuring the MySantaTalk app this week (good timing!)….

INTEL’S appUP (Windows 32 & 64)**

*  A Featured App-of-the-Week on 12 December 2011

2011 Chat with Santa – Now Available

Welcome to the release of our 2011 Holiday version of MY SANTA TALK — an interactive chat and story with Santa, mainly for Mobile, but, also as a desktop App from INTEL’s AppUp store.

The new UI developed by contentAI is featured with the mobile web and app versions.  Have a safe and happy Holiday.

Start your Santa Chat Adventure now…


Mobile Web URL:  http://m.mysantatalk.com

Android:  Marketplace or AppsGeyser

Windows 32 & 64:  INTEL AppUP

Text:  SANTA   To: 20757 (U.S. Only to receive URL via SMS)

Also available on most Android App Stores.  iPhone and iPad users please visit us on Mobile Web.


MySantaTalk.com Mobile URL

What Happens if you want to Chat with Santa after X-Mas on My Santa Talk?

We really appreciate that some people would like to keep on chatting with Santa after the Holiday Season (a few emails on the subject this week).

We’ll be keeping MYSANTATALK semi-active for a period of time; but, as we did last year, MY SANTA TALK will be taken off-line and then rebuilt for 2011. This year, we added our mobile web delivery, a lot of new illustrations, animation and mobile video. Next year? We know that Safari and Opera mobile browsers have accelerometer and GPS access coming soon. . .Who knows? HTML.5 video and an accelerometer = snowglobe! But, there will be features we can’t even contemplate right now.

We’ve been really pleased with the global traffic and deep engagement that MY SANTA TALK has had this 2010 Season.

We’ll keep the application available through the Holiday week, maybe a bit longer?

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday.

The Team @contentAI

Talking to Digital Santas – Privacy and Security

This seems to be the year of digital Santas.  Many of whom offer some level of “personalization.”  My Santa Talk does this as well.

While we believe that most companies who are creating digital Santas are reputable, we do live in the day and age of hackers and other nefarious creatures.  So, before opting-in and providing ANY personal information, please think about a few things.

First, MY SANTA TALK is 100% anonymous.  Being on mobile web means (a) we do not have your phone number; (b) we don’t have an IP address, (c) we don’t know your name or have access to any personal data on your device, (d) we don’t have your eMail address or any other sensitive data.

The digital Santas that require users to fill out a form and eMail a submission?  Or, digital Santas that are “app” based or respond to phone numbers all start having access to sensitive personal information.  Again, the companies who are creating these are likely to be reputable, but, you may be providing a fair bit of personal information, including information about your children.

Creating a “personalized” experience that’s anonymous was not easy.  But, we think it was worth the effort.  Mobile or online, let’s be careful out there, OK?

Chat with Santa via Microsoft Tag – First “Awesome!”

Thanks Elliot and @microsofttag. . .

For our delivery via. . .

MySantaTalk – Chat with Santa, plus Video, Animation, Graphics

We’re trying to think about what to call this new interactive story format that includes:

* Interactive text chat
* Graphics (in chat stream)
* Animation (in chat stream)
* Video – Using the mobile device player, then return to chat stream

This was designed for mobile experiences, based on the #1 use of mobile is short, text message conversations — then, we enhance this with rich media. The interactive story is three-dimension in terms of length, depth (typical stories), but, we add “width” to the equation.

The first video was created last week; initial tests look great on limited mobile devices and the pending tests with LIMELIGHT are designed to reach nearly all phones with a data plan and deliver a great video experience.

Incorporating video and audio within the interactive narrative changes the experience — We think for the better. Eventually, next year, we’ll incorporate many more video clips and hidden story pieces to discover as the application continues to evolve.

My Santa Talk – Chat Returns for WAP/HTML Mobile Experiences

We’re in the last bit of tweaking all new story, images and animation for the 2010 Holiday Season.

Also, testing on mobile devices to make sure that everyone with a WAP browser (not an App, not even a smartphone) can enjoy the experience.

As we open up early Beta Testing to a select group (My Santa Talk’s  Helpers, who find bugs that we missed), we welcome the input and feedback to improve the mobile experience for All.

If you’d like a BETA INVITE, please eMail us (See CONTACT PAGE).

Ho. Ho. Ho.  ’tis the Season. . .