Santa and his 2011 Chat – THANK YOU EVERYONE !

Preparing the revised MY SANTA TALK for 2011 took a little longer than anticipated — The new User Interface and delivery system came together in November and early December, then we timed the release to coincide with INTEL’s AppUp store featuring MY SANTA TALK last week.

The results have been remarkable.  High volumes of concurrent users.  But, mainly very high numbers with regard to sessions running 30, 40, 50+ steps in duration (many running from 7-12 minutes)…and, while anonymous (we really don’t know who is using the app, other than by Country and device), we review chat logs and see a lot of people enjoying their conversational text chats with Santa.

Thanks for a terrific Holiday Season.

Yes, MY SANTA TALK will go back in the shop next year and reappear with even more bells and whistles…it’s become a tradition.