Santa is Now In the CHROME Web Store

Depending on which side of the World you’re on, for many, it’s summertime.  It’s hot.

But, the MY SANTA TALK app receives daily traffic from kids around the World.

As contentAI studios are expanding their delivery network, we’ve now added the GOOGLE CHROME STORE to our release pattern and we’ve added MY SANTA TALK here:

 While this is only a release of the Holiday 2011 App; it is also where you’ll find the updated MY SANTA TALK during it’s Q4 release later this year.

What’s included in the next version?

That’s a surprise.



An Ever Expanding Network – Google Chrome App Store

My friend the Tooth Fairy was just tested out as a Chrome Web Store app.


So, that will be another place you’ll find me, My Santa Talk, upon my upgrade and re-release in Q4 2012.

BTW – Having daily chats, all Spring and Summer long (Northern Hemisphere) has been wonderful.  It’s a pleasure and a surprise to see how many kids want to chat with Santa year round.

The Children’s App Manifesto

contentAI studios, creators of MySantaTalk, were pleased to see and sign onto the:

Children’s App Manifesto:

We’ve seen too many quickly hacked together children’s apps that may show off a developer’s technology nicely but have not been thought through when it comes to protecting children, particularly children’s privacy (Not to point fingers, but, those “Santa Apps” that acquire someone’s phone number and address without parental controls? )

This is a maturing Industry in it’s nascent stages.  The “manifesto” is a nice guideline to start forwarding to children’s app developers; whether they are garage shops or large scale corporations.