The Holiday Season is Upon Us – My Santa Talk for 2012

Looking at our (anonymous) chat logs, we see a steady increase in daily chat sessions as the Holiday Season gets closer.

There are (literally), thousands of kids chatting with MY SANTA TALK every month…and the number is increasing.

Initially, the plan was release a new version of MY SANTA TALK in association with a commercial sponsor.  That was going to be a fine-line to tread…where we didn’t want to overly commercialize the experience (or turn the whole app into an ad).

We’ve decided to only allow commercialization in “branched” versions that are localized – leaving the primary version “clean” of sponsorship.  We’ll probably only undertake a few minor modifications to this year’s version of MY SANTA TALK.  A complete “audio” enhancement has been on our “to do” list…but, that’s a long list.  We’re still seeing what we can work in our schedule before the U.S. Thanksgiving official 2012 Season Launch.

Cheers.  It’s nice to be back in the Spirit of the Season!